Friday, March 25, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

It's been a super busy week around here. I, of course, had plans for some blog posts that haven't happened. What's new, right?

We celebrated my baby Teagan turning 9 on Monday. She had a great birthday and didn't want it to end. I'll have to share pictures once I edit them. So, maybe expect them sometime next year.

Seems like every day since then has been full of appointments and stuff trying to get ready for my upcoming trip. Which is sooner then I realized. And I might be starting to get a wee bit nervous.

Or maybe a lot bit.

I'm choosing not to think about it too much today. Because today all I can think about is my house for sale. We have a showing this afternoon at 1:30. Which means I'm supposed to be cleaning like a mad woman and not updating my blog. But this is just sort of how I roll. Wheee!

Praying that we get an offer this time. We NEED to get this house sold so we can move onto the next chapter of our life. The chapter where we don't spend money on stuff like big houses and fancy cars and maybe just maybe includes a new sibling.

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