Saturday, March 19, 2011

And just like that...

...everything changes.

Right after Madi got home this afternoon with her new car, a few friends started showing up. Her friend Zach came over as well as a car load of friends who live in the area. Zach was still here when the other car left. Blade was driving with Kellie, Kiley and Tessa. I'd just met Blade officially when he was here but I know all the girls really well.

If Zach hadn't been here visiting I'm sure Madi would have gone with them. If she had, this evening would have turned out so differently.

Shortly after leaving here they were in an awful car accident. Apparently Blade swerved to miss hitting a deer and in swerving he hit a boulder, which propelled them into the air. They came down evetually rolling the vehicle several times.

Another Stillwater student who was longboarding in the area found them and called 911. He snapped this picture of the accident before the rest of the emergency vehicles arrived.

Blade and Kellie were both wearing their seat belts and although they are pretty banged up and obviously shaken up beyond belief, they are ok.

Kiley and Tessa weren't wearing their seat belts and were both ejected from the vehicle. Kiley has a broken collar bone and lots of cuts and scrapes. Tessa was thrown through the front windshield and suffered major injuries. I'm not 100% sure what injuries were sustained. I've heard broken collar bone, broken shoulder blade, fluid in a lung, punctured spleen, a "something wrong" with her spine.

These are 15 and 16 year old children. My heart just aches for them and their families as they have to endure this. Please help me pray that they will fully heal and thank God that no lives were lost today.

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