Monday, April 4, 2011

New President for Haiti

I had planned on updating tonight with a rundown on what we did yesterday and then today.  I'm changing my mind.  Cause it's my blog and that's ok.  Right?  Just know that there are going to be an awful lot of Haiti posts coming up!

Today we spent the day at the orphanage in Thomazaeu that we planned to come here to help.  After being there most of the day we were informed, rather quickly, that we needed to pack up and head home to where we were staying.  The results of the presidential election were set to be announced and possible rioting could happen and we definitely did NOT want to be out and about if that happened.

We came home, got cleaned up (as much as one can clean up when they are constantly sweating) and had some dinner.  Soon afterwards, a huge eruption of screaming and clapping came from the living room where a large group of our Haitian friends were intently watching tv.  It had been announced that the candidate of choice had been elected.  Martelly (pronounced a whole lot like Madilee!) was the winner and man is everyone excited.

Our hosts decided to take us out into the streets to "celebrate".  I kind of imagined walking outside of our gate and watching.  Instead we participated in some serious celebrating.  In the midst of the rubble and poverty here are people coming together singing, dancing and chanting in excitement for their new president. 

It was so wild.

SO much more to say but I've got to call it a night.  On the road at 6am to head back to the orphanage!

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