Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm in Haiti!

Wow.  Where do I even start?

I somehow managed to get everything done Saturday morning before leaving for the church to load up and go to the airport.  That's including a deep clean of the house since we had a showing request for Saturday morning.  (Yeah, no stress there.)  We headed off to the church and I tweeted that I hoped I didn't forget anything just as Brad asked if I had my passport.

So we headed back home to grab that.  Oops.

After some near tearful goodbyes we were off on the people mover to OKC.  Everyone's excitement grew as we got closer and closer.  Shelby busted out the Pepperidge Farm Piourettes just in time to ease any breakdowns that might be looming in my near future.  Whew! 

Once at the airport we started unloading the tubs from the people mover.  They each weighed right around 50 pounds and as we passed them out of the vehicle Shelby flexed her arms to show her strength and said, "Look at these guns!"

That's when the airport employee helping us leaned in to say, "You can't say guns at the airport".

Have I mentioned how much I love Shelby?!

We had a little snafu (and another near breakdown) when we were told that we had too much weight in our tubs.  We had packed the tubs up last Tuesday and weighed them knowing (ie going from the info posted on the American Airlines website) that each of us could have 2 packed bags weighing 50 pounds.  The first one was free and the second one was $30.  All of the sudden we were told that yes, we could have 2 bags but they couldn't weigh more than 70 pounds together.  Great.  Luckily the wonderful guy found an exception for us.  Woohoo!

After a couple flights and lots of laughing we ended up in Miami where we grabbed some dinner (eventually) and hit the hay for not nearly enough sleep.

Getting off the plane in Haiti was incredibly surreal.  You hear about the destruction that the earthquake caused and you see images everywhere but until you see it in person I don't think you can really understand the devastation.  More than a year later it still looks as thought they've just gone through a natural disaster.  It's incredible.

Our GCOM guys met us at the airport and I immediately felt safe.  What a great group of men who are clearly serving the Lord!  There was a lot of hurry up and wait going on but we eventually made it to our "home" for the week which I described to Brad in a text as the Taj Mahal.  I'll have to share pictures when I'm back  in Oklahoma and uploading won't take so long.

The rest of the day was pretty emotional and I'm sure it will only increase as the week moves on.  I have to go down for breakfast now (it's actually Tuesday morning, I couldn't get a connection last night), but I'll update as soon as I can.  Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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