Friday, April 15, 2011


Seems weird to be home.  I missed my family so terribly while I was gone. But if it wasn't for them I really think I could have stayed in Haiti for much longer.  Seriously.

I still have so many memories to share with you.  (I say that like there are tons of you reading.  Please start commenting so I know I'm not just talking to myself!)  Things to tell you all about like our first day there and traveling around the city and visiting Hope Village.  People to introduce you to like Enoch and Madame Blueberry and all the great GCOM people I got to know.  The small little boy who still holds my heart while he is in Haiti and I'm home in Oklahoma. 

Unfortunately, a lot of these stories have images that I feel need to go with them.  It's just not the same without seeing the images.  But duty calls and I'm back to the land of working non-stop so my time blogging and editing Haiti pictures is limited.  Someday I'll find the time and the words to share all I experienced.  At least a good part of it.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to Haiti.  As I said on Madi's birthday post, had this trip been planned the first week of April all along I don't know that I would have signed up.  God knew I needed to be there.  That I needed to be with the special group of people He put together to travel to Haiti.  That I would somehow be able to make some small difference while I was there.  And while I feel like I did, I can't help but mention the huge difference that was made in my life. 

Haiti wrecked me.  It really did.  I don't look at things the same anymore.  It's been an emotional week being back here and leaving all the sweet little faces that I came to know so well in Thomazeau.  I pray that I never forget them.  That I will always remember how incredibly blessed I am and that I will make "making a difference" a priority.

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  1. I'm reading! and I love your wit and the beautiful photography. (My a key doesn't work on the please don't mind the lower case a's. I have to copy each one with Ctrl V.) I love seeing the amazing woman you've become!