Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

So, apparently there is this guy named Harold Camping who says that Jesus is coming back today. I hadn't heard anything about this until a few weeks ago. Then as the 21st starting approaching I kept seeing more and more discussion about it. I wasn't really sure who Camping was so when I saw a retweet about him on I decided to read it. I was glad I did. Learned about Camping a bit and laughed a LOT.

One last post about the predicted May 21 rapture: "21 Things You Should Know about Harold Camping"

I sure hope that link works. Its totally worth the read. Check out the comments too for extra giggles! I'm posting this from my phone so if the link doesn't work I'll fix it tonight. I'm headed to Miami (that's in Oklahoma) for my nieces high school graduation. Which I'm dressed up for so if the rapture does happen today at least I'm not just hangin out in my sweats!

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  1. We have friends who totally believe in this and it's strange. I would've never guessed them to believe in Camping's ideals, but they have been preparing for and studying about this for years. It's awkward.

    Part of me hopes it's true--how great it would be to be raptured this evening! :)

    I wonder what their explanations will be tomorrow when everyone's still here, no huge earthquakes happened, etc.