Monday, July 4, 2011

Sadie had a birthday

Oh  hey, lookie there.  I have a blog.  I've kinda ignored it.  Sorry to anyone who might actually be reading this.  Oops.

So lots of stuff has been going on since my last post.  May was super busy business wise and I thought once school was out things would slow down.  Not so much.  Sadie turned 11 on June 4th and Eli swam/biked/ran his first sprint triathlon that same day.  Madi has been super busy babysitting a couple different families and has been on a mission trip to Joplin that was pretty exceptional.  The other 3 have all been to Camp Cyokamo and loved it as always.  Now we're gearing up to head to Dallas for dance nationals and then Nana and Grandpa Camp and Youthquake.  So see, summer is flying right along!

I have spent the last week really trying to get caught up on some work and have decided that I do some personal editing as a treat for getting so much work done.  SO...Haiti pictures have finally been edited!  Well, all but 148 that I found in a file I didn't know was there.  So today I have edited Sadie's birthday party pictures.  She hadn't had a party in 3 years because I don't like to do them unless I can REALLY do them.  I think there might be something wrong with me.  For real.

So without further adieu...Sadie's Vintage Photo Booth Party!

 Sadie requested a rice krispie cake and I found a super yummy recipe that had cake batter in it.  We also had lots of candy, cupcakes and pink lemonade.

In keeping with the photo booth theme, I topped the cupcakes with lips on a stick.

Straws with mustaches on them?  Yes please!

The girls decoupaged wooden frames and will each get a picture to put in it!

The girls had a blast!

And last but not least, a slideshow of the craziness that was the photo booth!


  1. that slideshow was hysterical! Care to share a little bit of the 'behind the scenes' on how you set that up? Kudos to all the girls. super adorable and super entertaining!

  2. Thanks Erika! They had a ton of fun. I have a ring flash and moon unit that I use for the set up. Then I have a remote and I don't wait for them to be ready...that way I get the best shots. ;)