Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The homestead

So...there's this property for sale. It's in our town. It's really old. It needs lots and lots and lots of tlc. There is enough room for all of us. Plus, there are all sorts of spots on the property that I could use for my photography business. I actually found this spot a month or so ago when looking at newly listed properties. I immediately felt like it would be a great place for our family.

Problem is, our house still hasn't sold. In fact it's been nearly 3 months since anyone has even looked at it.

Sometimes I just wish I knew God's plan. It would make things so much easier. Is our house going to sell? Are we going to end up on this land, the land that Madi has dubbed "the Homestead"? What does the next few years hold for us?

So many questions.

Can I get some answers?


Pretty please?

I'll even throw in a whole lotta sugar on top!

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