Friday, October 1, 2010

Sprouted...and growing!

I just went back to look at some of the first few entries into my blog. I started this blog almost a year ago. That was after several months of feeling like our family was being led to adopt. I remember that at the time, I thought that it was something that needed to happen NOW. Like, let's fill out the paperwork. Get this ball rolling. Pronto.

After an initial mention of adoption from Brad, he really started to act like it wasn't something that we would ever really do. And that if by chance we ever really did it would be years down the road.


That wasn't what I wanted to hear. As scared as I felt about the process, I just really felt like it was what we were being called to do. Then when Brad was so reluctant I felt doubt. Why would I feel so strongly about this when my husband so seemingly felt like it was not something we needed to be doing?

My friend Ashley brought her sweet little girl home from Rwanda right around the time that I started this blog. In her own blog posts, she often mentioned that she hoped that perhaps through her family's adoption journey that seeds would be planted for others to do the same. I felt like that seed had definitely been planted but worried it would never sprout, let alone grow.

Today, on October 1st 2010 I am pleased to announce that the seed planted in my heart that has sprouted and grown now seems to be doing the same in Brad's. I've prayed so much over the course of the last year and I know that other's have prayed as well. My biggest prayer has been for Brad and me to be united in this decision. It hasn't been easy and there have been times when I thought perhaps bringing another child into our home wasn't what I should be thinking about and that I needed to be concentrating on helping orphans in some other way. That just never really felt right though.

There is an adoption conference going on right now in Austin, Texas and I tweeted a link to the live feed earlier this morning. Brad texted me and asked what that was about and then jokingly said, "You getting us a baby?" I let him know that no, I didn't have us signed up to bring anyone home anytime soon and his response was, "I'm on board. We just have to work some stuff out."

Praise God!

He has totally worked in Brad's heart and I'm so thankful. And now as much as I want send off an application like yesterday I know that it will all work in His perfect timing. We need to sell our home, find a new one and figure out how I will be able to continue my job with a little person around. So for now I will keep busy with those things. Praying for a buyer. Praying for patience during this time of waiting. And of course just praising God for all the amazing blessings He has provided!

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